Proper preparation helps assure a great finished product.  Please follow these guidelines:


*  No pin/spray basting of your quilt! 

*  Square your quilt top.

*  Press well with all seams flat.  They do not need to be pressed open.

*  Trim all loose threads from the front and back of your top.  Dark threads can show through light fabrics.

*  If the top is pieced to the edge, it's a good idea to do a stay stich around the perimeter.

*  All borders should be flat.  If not, this may cause tucks, pleats or fullness.

*  NO embellishments!  (buttons, beads, pins, etc.) 


*  Should be at least 4" larger than top on all sides.

*  Trim selvages and press well with seams open if possible. 

*  Square it up!


*  Should be at least 4" larger than top on all sides.

*  You can purchase batting from me or you can provide your own.  If you do provide your own, please make sure it is of good quality! 

Quilt Preparation

Chalkboard Quilts offers hand guided, long arm quilting services using Michelle's best friend, "Lucey".  From a simple all-over pattern to something totally custom, Michelle can help you add that special finishing touch to your masterpiece!

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